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Arizona: Man takes Photo Under Mom’s Dress At Peoria Target Store

Police are trying to hunt down a man accused of taking a photograph underneath a woman’s dress at a Peoria Target store.

On March 6th around 4 p.m., a man was walking inside a Target near Lake Pleasant Parkway and Happy Valley Road appearing as if he had no intention of shopping, according to officials.

The man walked through the children’s clothing area and then walked to the grocery area where a woman with her two children were shopping.

The man got on the ground and, using his phone, took a photograph of the woman underneath her full-length dress.

One of the children saw and told their mother that the man had taken the photograph.

“One of the children who were facing him in the cart said ‘Ma, hey Ma, somebody just put something under your dress, I think he took a picture,” said Officer Brandon Sheffert with the Peoria Police Department.

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