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Be A Man

real-men-smallDefend Her Safety and Honor

Real men are naturals when it comes to protecting people they care about.  This is especially true when it comes to the women in his life; whether it’s his wife, daughter, sister or mother.  Real men are always ready to defend the honor of women.

Target’s recent decision to allow “men” in women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms puts women at risk.  Any so “man” on any particular day can decide he wants to be a “woman” and use the ladies’ bathroom or fitting room.  Even registered sex offenders are welcome to use women’s facilities!

As men who love the women in our lives, we cannot allow this to happen.

We must demand that our families no longer shop at Target Stores.  Real men show leadership in their households.

If, for some reason, a woman in your life must use a Target Store, you should accompany her to the store.  If she needs to use the restroom, you should accompany her to the door and ask her to confirm there are no men present in the bathroom.  While she is using the facility, you should remain on-guard outside the door and not allow any man to enter the bathroom until your wife is present.

Be a real man and protect the women in your life by taking these simple steps.