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The Target Boycott Cost More Than Anyone Expected

Target triggered a nationwide boycott last year with a single blog post — and it turns out the message was as big of a shock to the company’s CEO as it was to some shoppers. The blog post, published in April 2016, publicized a policy that said transgender customers were welcome to use the bathroom […]

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Target Trans Bathroom Boycott Hit Hard

With a lock on the media, the reflexive agreement of the elites, and a mammoth tax-eating government to play with, liberals tend to be insulated from the consequences of their ideas. But in the free market, when reality bites back, it bites back hard. That’s what the retail chain Target found out last year after […]

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WSJ: How Target Botched Its Response to the North Carolina Bathroom Law

Excerpts from the story: In April last year, Target Corp. published a blog post welcoming transgender employees and shoppers to use restrooms and fitting rooms corresponding with their gender identities. “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong,” read the post, which turned half of Target’s red bullseye logo into a gay-pride rainbow… The next day, […]

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Target Continues Facing Backlash From Transgender Bathroom Policy

LifeSiteNews’ call to action over the transgender bathroom policy at one of the nation’s largest retailers continues to have a substantial impact. The April 5 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) cited LifeSite’s #FlushTarget campaign in a report on the negative fallout for Target after announcing its corporate policy allowing  “transgender” bathroom access. “LifeSiteNews put up billboards […]

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Deleware: Man Arrested After Fondling Himself In Front Of Women

The Dover Police Department has arrested 56-year-old Marvin Wiggins of Colonia, New Jersey for multiple counts of harassment, lewdness, and disorderly conduct after he approached several women in the Dover area on Thursday and Friday (March 23rd and 24th, 2017).  Wiggins approached women asking for advice on Baby Shower gifts or House warming gifts.  He […]

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