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Christian Assaulted While Blocking Transvestite Mob From Woman’s Bathroom

The 46th General Assembly of the Organization of American States witnessed mob violence on Sunday as members of the civil society clashed over the issue of men invading women’s bathrooms. (Civil society organizations at the OAS are the equivalent of non-governmental organizations at the United Nations.) Gregory Mertz and Jean Marco Pumarol, two Christian young men participating […]

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Where Have All the Feminists Gone?

For years, feminist groups have had the reputation of working hard to protect women and advancing the desire to protect women’s dignity, safety, and privacy. Suddenly, though, in the face of politically correct locker room and shower policies, they are nowhere to be found, despite the obvious risks to women and girls. Have they ever […]

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Ex-Cop: Target Store Managers Could Be Arrested

Carl Gallups, a former Florida law-enforcement officer who holds a special deputy status within the Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff’s department, as bestowed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and who now serves as a pastor at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, has an idea to take on what he calls the transgender “insanity” sweeping the nation that doesn’t […]

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Texas Group Announces $2 Million Campaign Targeting Target

The organizers who helped topple Houston’s equal rights ordinance are pledging a $2 million advertising campaign against Target over the big box store’s transgender bathroom policy. Jared Woodfill and Steven Hotze of Conservative Republicans of Texas on Thursday launched the “Campaign for USA” in what they said is an effort to keep men out of women’s […]

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California: Girl Sexually Assaulted In Public Restroom

A young girl was sexually assaulted by an employee inside a Riverside restaurant bathroom, according to authorities. Riverside police said the sexual assault happened at a restaurant in the 1700 block of University Avenue at about noon on Monday. Officials said the young girl went inside the bathroom, and a short time later, her mother […]

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Insiders Decreasing Position In Target Stock

As of the latest SEC filings, insiders at Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT) have decreased their position in the stock by -20.01% over the past 6 months..  Insiders now own 0.10% of total outstanding shares. Trading can be done both illegally and legally.  Illegal insider trading is when an “insider”, as defined by the Securities and Exchange […]

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Complaint Filed Against Viral TV Ad

Earlier this week, a formal complaint was filed with cable television networks regarding the highly-successful “Stop TARGETing Women and Children” television advertisement.  LifeSiteNews was asked to provide a ‘letter of substantiation’ to the cable networks.  LifeSiteNews spokesperson, Claire Chretien stated, “It wasn’t too difficult to substantiate the truth as portrayed within our advertisement.  Target customers have […]

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Target CEO Defends Bathroom Policy At Shareholders Meeting

The CEO of Target Corporation defended the company’s commitment to “diversity and inclusion” at its annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday amid numerous complaints about its new policy allowing men to access women’s restrooms and changing rooms. Outside the meeting, a dozen or so individuals gathered to pray and protest against the policy. And inside, three […]

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Target To AFA Rep: We Don’t Care

A spokesman for the American Family Association says he was clearly snubbed by Target officials today when he expressed his group’s deep concerns about the retailer’s bathroom policy. AFA’s Abraham Hamilton III went to today’s Target shareholders meeting in Southern California to raise concerns again about the company’s policy allowing transgenders to use the bathroom […]

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Cramer On Target: The Company Is ‘Problematic’ For Me

Target (TGT) shares were up modestly on Wednesday after the retailer boosted its dividend, but Jim Cramer said the company is “problematic” for him. “Target is very problematic for me because that is the company that I think really did poorly vs. Amazon (AMZN) ” with its latest quarterly results, he told TheStreet on Wednesday. […]

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