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Christian Assaulted While Blocking Transvestite Mob From Woman’s Bathroom

The 46th General Assembly of the Organization of American States witnessed mob violence on Sunday as members of the civil society clashed over the issue of men invading women’s bathrooms. (Civil society organizations at the OAS are the equivalent of non-governmental organizations at the United Nations.)

Gregory Mertz and Jean Marco Pumarol, two Christian young men participating in the OAS civil society conferences, were assaulted as they sought to protect the privacy of an older woman who was using the bathroom from transvestite men who attempted to enter into the bathroom at the same time.

“When women and children are threatened, it is the duty of any Christian man to step in and defend them,” Mertz told LifeSiteNews. Mertz was punched in the stomach by one of the transvestite men while the 17-year-old Jean Marco Pumarol was forcefully pushed to the ground.

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