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Concerned Women for America Joins AFA Boycott

Concerned Women for America announced this week that it’s joining AFA in its national boycott, says Penny Nance, president of CWA.

CWA announced its participation in North Carolina, on the steps of the state capitol in Raleigh.

The conservative organization chose North Carolina after the state made headlines for a law requiring men and women to use the restroom according to the gender on their birth certificate. The state law overturned an ordinance in Charlotte allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice.

North Carolina has since become a villain to homosexual activists and Target announced April 19 that it was restating its gender-neutral bathroom policy after the bathroom law made headlines.

Nance says Target’s policy is “irresponsible and perhaps dangerous for women and children.”

That concern mirrors the concerns of AFA, which announced the boycott on April 21.

“Target’s policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims,” AFA President Tim Wildmon stated in a commentary announcing the boycott and petition drive.

Citing figures from the Department of Justice, Nance says that 33 percent of reported rapes take place in public places, including public restrooms.

Nance shares that she is the victim of an attempted rape and that is a reason she’s pushing for “common sense” protections for women and children.

“So we have great concerns that sexual predators will use these policies to their advantage to harm innocent women and children,” she warns.

After announcing the AFA boycott last week, a follow-up “Action Alert” from Wildmon on April 27 announced the online petition had more than 750,000 signers. The number had risen to 891,000 by noon.

The “Action Alert” also included two stories of men who have been arrested at Target stores.

One man was allegedly filming women with his camera phone in the dressing rooms at a Brentwood, Missouri store. The second man allegedly exposed himself to a 9-year-old boy in Cedar Park, Texas.

Nance adds that CWA is not joining the boycott out of “fear” of transgendered people.

“We, in fact, have great compassion for them,” she tells OneNewsNow.

Wildmon has also stated that AFA’s concern is not over transgendered people but for men who could use the liberal restroom policy to harm women.

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