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Cross-Dresser Branded ‘High Risk’ To Women

A cross-dressing sex attacker has been jailed indefinitely following an attack on a pensioner.

Mark Lazarus has an obsession with women’s clothes and put on a skirt and tights before committing all of his offences.

He was jailed after carrying out a terrifying attack on a 71-year-old woman in a sea front public toilet in Teignmouth, South Devon, where he waited for an hour until someone wearing a skirt went in.

He followed her in, changed into his skirt and tights in a neighbouring cubicle, and pounced on her as she washed her hands.

The petrified woman needed treatment for shock after heavily built Lazarus seized her and dragged her into a cubicle where he tried to have sex with her.

She was saved from the ordeal because she screamed for help and Lazarus fled, still wearing his skirt, but was stopped by a passer-by.

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