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Mary Minnick

Mary E. Minnick is a Partner of Lion Capital LLP, a consumer-focused private investment firm, a position she has held since May 2007. Ms. Minnick had a 23-year career with The Coca Cola Company, a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, and served in a variety of senior management positions, ending as President of Marketing, Strategy and Innovation in February 2007.

One Response to Mary Minnick

  1. O'Henry June 11, 2016 at 4:46 am #

    Dear Mary Minnick,

    Target’s new policy of allowing men to use women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms puts women and children at risk. It also violates individual privacy rights. Target has traded the “safety and privacy” of 99.7% of its customers for the “rights” of 0.3% of the population that self identifies as transgender persons. In doing so, you have also failed to protect the interests of your shareholders by inviting this boycott. My family will no longer shop at a store that puts “political correctness” ahead of the interests of the vast majority of its customers and shareholders.

    How would you feel if your wive, daughter, sister or mother were FORCED to share a bathroom with a man. How about a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER? I request you to rescind this terrible policy for the good of Target’s customers and its shareholders.