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Maryland: Man Lifts Woman’s Skirt In Restroom

Salisbury police say 46-year-old Scott Christopher Reich entered a woman’s restroom on Thursday at the offices of the Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland and lifted up her skirt.

Reich, according to a district court filing, entered the bathroom and jiggled on the stall while the victim was inside. When the victim was finished, police say Reich blocked her way to the door and asked how long she had been living in Ocean City.

Frightened by Reich’s behavior, the victim quickly washed her hands and tried to make her way around him, a Wicomico County warrant states.

That’s when police say Reich used his four fingers to lift up the victim’s skirt, his fingers running along her skin.

“Nice pants,” the victim reported Reich saying to her.

Upon questioning, Reich told police he had mistakenly stumbled into the women’s restroom, noticed the victim and merely informed her he “noticed (she) was not wearing any panties.”

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