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Near Rape Incident At Fast-Food Outlet Restroom

Quick thinking saw a young woman escape her would-be rapist who attempted to sexually assault her in a bathroom at a fast food outlet last Friday.

The victim was grooming herself in front of a mirror in the washroom when a man grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth before dragging her into the toilet reserved for disabled patrons.

Fortunately, she managed to spot another patron walking into the washroom through a small opening and let out a scream, which scared the suspect who fled the scene with the girl’s handbag.

Johor Baru South police chief Sulaiman Salleh confirmed with the Chinese daily that he had received a report over the incident but refused to divulge more details.
It is understood that police have obtained the CCTV recordings from the fast food joint.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user who identified himself as DavidLim, alleged that the victim’s attacker was an employee at the same fast food outlet, and who was said to have been on leave on the day of the attack.

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