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Registered Sex Offenders

There are over 17,800 registered sex offenders residing in the state of Minnesota, Target Corporation's home state (over 800,000 nationally).

Of these, there are over 300 Level 3 Registered Sex Offenders in Minnesota. Level 3 offenders are those determined MOST likely to re-offend. In this case, local law enforcement, victims or witnesses, and any agencies that serve a population at risk of victimization may be notified, as well as the general public. Community Notification to the general public may take place in the form of a community meeting.

Target’s new policy allows any man at any time to use women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms, including registered sex offenders. Research shows that around 33 percent of rape or sexual assault incidents to female victims were perpetrated on in a public area such as a commercial venue.

It is extremely dangerous when corporations like Target are more than willing to forego the safety of the majority of its customers in the name of “political correctness.”