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Satellite Pictures Show Target’s Bathroom Policy Driving Customers to Walmart’s Parking Lots

Target has lost many shoppers to Walmart since the company announced that its customers must use transgender-friendly, mixed-sex changing rooms and bathrooms, according to satellite pictures of parking lots.

RS Metrics just reported that its analysis for May showed auto traffic at Target stores was down 1.1 percent versus May of 2015, while traffic at Walmart was up 2.5 percent over the same period.

RS Metrics uses satellite imagery to count cars in parking lots. The company reviewed parking-lot images in every week of May and discovered that all but one of the weeks showed fewer autos in Target’s store lots compared to May, 2015. In contrast, Walmart had a greater number of customer cars in its parking lots.

The downward trend began in April when the company revealed its pro-transgender policy. Shortly after, the American Family Association announced a boycott, which has gained 1.3 million signatures, many of which represent a family.

Target’s stock was at $83.98 per share the day it announced its new transgender policy. But just over two months since the announcement, stock prices had fallen to $67.88. On June 13, that company’s stock was trading at $67.14 per share. That drop has slashed the company’s Wall Street value by one-fifth, or roughly $10 billion.

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