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Sexual Abuse Victims And Transgendered Woman Speak Out Against Gender Neutral Bathroom Policies

A new video has been released showing the untold story of the new transgender bathroom policy. Alliance Defending Freedom released the video which seeks to combat the move by the president to have the use of public restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms be based on gender identity.

The short film shows a side of the story that isn’t being portrayed in the mainstream media –that is, the horrors that can occur when there are open bathroom and locker room policies. A marriage and family counselor, a former YMCA executive, a mother, a mother with adopted children who have been sexually abused, and even a male to female transgendered individual told their story.

The film opens with Gretchen Flores’ story of abuse at the hands of her swim coach. She pointed out that at that time, males were never allowed into female locker rooms, and the only reason he had permission was because he was the swim coach. Flores earned her masters degree and has since counseled many abuse victims through the pain of their trauma.

Kaeley Triller, former communications director for a Washington State YMCA, was charged with drafting wording for the Y’s new gender neutral position on locker rooms. The task triggered her devastating memories of being abused as a child while showering. Triller refused and was terminated for standing up for her belief that the facilities should remain separated by gender. “This has such devastating implications for people, especially like me … For survivors of sexual trauma, to just turn around and be exposed to that. It’s an instant trigger,” Triller said.

Tiller said it took no time for these bathroom policies to be in place in Washington state, before a man went into the women’s locker room while adolescent girls were getting ready for swim practice, claiming he had a right to be there. “The message that sends really loud and clear to those teenage girls is that that’s OK. And that a grown man can come and watch them shower –and we’re not going to do anything about it because he feels like he’s a female,” Tiller said.

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2 Responses to Sexual Abuse Victims And Transgendered Woman Speak Out Against Gender Neutral Bathroom Policies

  1. Michael Coster May 19, 2016 at 10:25 am #

    Thank you SOOOOO much for this!!! It’s posted on my facebook page with a FERVENT request that ALL of my friends watch it. Both of my sisters went through sexual abuse…and no one on the ‘outside’ really ‘gets it’. And my liberal friends…and I love them to death…they just – more than others – don’t get it. This is a powerful video…and I hope it will help them ‘get it’…because they are such good people (though most likely misguided)…I have many hopes for this video…it is QUITE well done.

  2. Fed Up May 23, 2016 at 3:42 pm #

    As a fellow survivor who lives in a state where the bathroom laws have been in place a long time – THE MEDIA IS LYING that these laws don’t get abused. There are obvious men in women’s restrooms here in our state ALL THE TIME. They are not trans. They are men who are excited about being able to be where they weren’t supposed to be before. Also, homeless men have begun to camp out in the women’s room as well since even homeless men are excited about the opportunity to violate women’s boundaries and perv on them and still have their perving protected BY LAW.

    Because I would get in trouble with the state for complaining about men in women’s restrooms I simply must hold it until I can find an empty restroom or single stall. It’s miserable but according to mainstream media men in women’s restrooms who aren’t trans NEVER HAPPENS. They are selling a narrative that has been bought and paid for and if you follow the trans money, it is being pushed on us by a handful of leftist billionaires (Soros, Pritzker) and a lying complicit media. There are not enough trans people to account for this being pushed so hard. It’s not for real trans people (people who have navigated the bathroom issue fine for years without changing the laws) – it’s a political operation designed to push to change the concept of “sex” to mean “gender identity” and to dismantle protections for born women.

    I can understand the politicians being shady liars, but I’m disgusted by the how the media has dealt with this. They just LIE. Even formerly respectable outlets are not tossing science out the window and reporting that people can “change gender” (they can’t) and that these laws aren’t being abused by predators (they are).

    The type of victim blaming and sneering by the government, media and even pop stars over the “bathroom issue” is reprehensible. Women have a right to safety. Women have the right to protect their kids in public places.The media is BLATANTLY LYING that these laws aren’t being abused by perverted men and they know it. Thank you for collecting the stories on this website. You are doing a great service for survivors by showing how the media covers up real incidents of bathroom predation on behalf of their political handlers.