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Shred My Red

shred-my-red-smallShredding your Target Red Card is a great step you can take.  Target sold its credit card business in 2013 after its embarrassing data breach.  However, the company still earns over $500 million annually in profit sharing income.  Depriving them of this revenue may help them see the errors of their ways and convince them to rescind their uni-sex bathroom policy.  Here are the basic steps to take:

  1. Using a pair of scissors, cut your Red Card following the instructions in the video below
    (EXTRA IMPACT – take a video or photo of cutting up your card and post it to social media with the hashtag #ShredMyRed).

  2. .

  3. Print the pre-addressed envelope

  4. Write a handwritten note to Mr. Cornell, Target’s CEO, explaining why you have ceased to do business at Target.

  5. Seal the envelope and pop-it in the mail.