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Target CEO Defends Bathroom Policy At Shareholders Meeting

The CEO of Target Corporation defended the company’s commitment to “diversity and inclusion” at its annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday amid numerous complaints about its new policy allowing men to access women’s restrooms and changing rooms. Outside the meeting, a dozen or so individuals gathered to pray and protest against the policy. And inside, three […]

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Target To AFA Rep: We Don’t Care

A spokesman for the American Family Association says he was clearly snubbed by Target officials today when he expressed his group’s deep concerns about the retailer’s bathroom policy. AFA’s Abraham Hamilton III went to today’s Target shareholders meeting in Southern California to raise concerns again about the company’s policy allowing transgenders to use the bathroom […]

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Cramer On Target: The Company Is ‘Problematic’ For Me

Target (TGT) shares were up modestly on Wednesday after the retailer boosted its dividend, but Jim Cramer said the company is “problematic” for him. “Target is very problematic for me because that is the company that I think really did poorly vs. Amazon (AMZN) ” with its latest quarterly results, he told TheStreet on Wednesday. […]

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Why Isn’t This Man Smiling?

Shares of Target (NYSE:TGT) fell 13.5% in May 2016, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. Some of this slump was of Target’s own doing — and some of it wasn’t. So what: First, the stock took a 5.5% dive on May 11 due to a bevy of disappointing earnings reports from Target’s sector […]

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Target’s Transgender Bathroom Disaster Is Huge Opportunity For Rivals, Say Brand Experts

Target’s unpopular decision to force its customer base of mothers and children into mixed-sex bathrooms and changing rooms is creating an economic opportunity for other firms — but none have announced plans to exploit the company’s pro-transgender mistake. “Target could lose millions of customers if other retail chains take advantage of the boycott,” says Chris […]

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Target Sales Plummet As Outlook Looks Grim

Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) On Wednesday, shares of Target traded lower as the big retailer posted mixed earnings. Which is bad enough as it is for a retailer, but things quickly got worse when it also slashed forecasted sales for the next quarter as well. This drop in sales is not surprising at all considering […]

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Target’s Bathroom Blunder

I think the shareholders of every public company should get together, and at the next annual meeting, hit every Board of Directors with this resolution: “Do not get involved in social political issues. Ever!” I’m talking to you, Target Corporation (TGT). By making a big public announcement that transgender individuals may use the bathroom of their choice, […]

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Target Stock: A Royal Flush

My call for Target’s (NYSE:TGT) stock to experience a sell-off is playing out. Given the current headwinds, I expect this to continue over the next few months. In my last Target article, I pointed out that the stock is likely to get flushed as a result of the company’s bathroom policy which states, “In our […]

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Target CEO Claims Weather, Not Bathroom Policy, The Reason For Hurting Sales

As retailer Target sees its stock plummeting and sales dropping in the midst of a boycott over its recently announced pro-transgender bathroom policy, the company’s CEO is insisting the weather is the cause of falling sales, not the company’s bathroom policy. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Target CEO Brian Cornell pegged the downturn in […]

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