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Ex-Cop: Target Store Managers Could Be Arrested

Carl Gallups, a former Florida law-enforcement officer who holds a special deputy status within the Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff’s department, as bestowed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and who now serves as a pastor at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, has an idea to take on what he calls the transgender “insanity” sweeping the nation that doesn’t so much involve politics – but rather police.

“Where is America’s legal community on this insanity and criminal behavior? Have they simply ‘caved’ and ‘checked out’? If so, we are now officially a nation of ‘lawlessness,’” he wrote, in an email to WND.

His logic, in context of discussing the corporate policy switch at Target to open all bathroom doors to both sexes, depending on their gender selections for the day, was blunt: In a nation run by laws, such choice would actually be regarded as criminal.

“It is still a crime for a man to purposely go into a women’s bathroom around women, teens and little girls and use those facilities,” Gallups said. “It is still a criminal offense for a boy or man to go into a girl’s shower or locker room and to expose himself in front of them. People are in jail or prison for such criminal acts.”

So, he asked, why aren’t members of the police community advising Target managers “we will arrest you for aiding and abetting in a felony”?

Gallups went on, in his email: “As a matter of fact, they should be elling [all] public school officials within their jurisdictions the same thing.”

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