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Target’s Transgender Bathroom Disaster Is Huge Opportunity For Rivals, Say Brand Experts

Target’s unpopular decision to force its customer base of mothers and children into mixed-sex bathrooms and changing rooms is creating an economic opportunity for other firms — but none have announced plans to exploit the company’s pro-transgender mistake.

“Target could lose millions of customers if other retail chains take advantage of the boycott,” says Chris Stone, a former brand-manager who now runs Faith Based Consumer, which grades companies on their respect for Christian consumers. Indeed, Walmart just reported an unexpected uptick and experienced a rise in stock prices.

“If ten million people switched from Target to another company just once, they could cost the company $600 million in revenues, assuming an average purchase of $60,” he said. “That lost revenue will have an even greater impact on company profits and stock prices.”

“If Walmart comes out and proactively states they welcome these disenfranchised consumers [and] they’ll provide proof of performance, there will be a migration of consumers from Target to Walmart,” Stone told Breitbart. In fact, any company which “reaches out to that consumer, and says ‘You’re welcome here,” can benefit, Stone said.

Target’s managers, he added, “have taken a position that is so polarizing, it will be very easy for the consumer to pick and choose among the competitors who they like better.”

Though it is hard to know if Target’s loss was Walmart’s gain, late last week the nation’s largest retailer reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit. The announcement drove up stock prices even its competitors have been on the downturn.

“It looks like the middle-to-higher-income customers have cut back, but the lower-income customer is spending,” analyst Brian Yarbrough told Reuters last Thursday.

Walmart stock shares were up 9.3 percent at $69.05 on Thursday morning’s trading.

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