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LifeSiteNews Launches TV Ad Buy Urging Target To Rescind Its Dangerous Bathroom Policy

Today, LifeSiteNews announced it bought television advertising time in Minnesota to present its ad illustrating the dangers that Target’s new mixed-sex bathroom and fitting room policy poses to customers.

The powerful 30-second ad is part of LifeSiteNews’ “Flush Target” campaign and will reach hundreds of thousands of homes in Minnesota and parts of western Wisconsin.

“Target’s new policy emboldens predators and threatens women by allowing any man on any given day, for any reason, to use the women’s bathrooms or fitting rooms,” said Claire Chretien, national spokeswoman for  “This is the opposite of pro-woman.  It perpetuates rape culture and opens the door—literally—for attacks on girls.”

“We anticipate that the ads will motivate even more customers to join us in calling on Target to rescind its dangerous policy,” Chretien continued.

Chretien concluded “We will continue this public relations campaign until Target reverses its policy and puts the safety of women and young children ahead of its sexual ideology agenda.”

As of today, an online version of the ad has garnered nearly 1 million views between YouTube and Facebook.

The “Flush Target” campaign consists of a large billboard truck that is visiting every Target store in the company’s home state of Minnesota.  Additional states may follow.

Donations to the campaign can be made online.

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