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Woodlands: Man Caught on Surveillance Video After Photographing Woman in Target Dressing Room

Surveillance cameras captured the instantaneous reaction of a woman who says she was being recorded in a dressing room stall.

“I was just thinking I have to do something and I have to stop it,” said “Leslie”.

She was hollering, screaming and even in shock.

“He had a stroller with a child inside,” she said.

No one at that moment near the Target fitting room stopped to help.

“That man is tall, and I wasn’t able to do anything,” she said.

It has been replaying in her head for the last few days.

“I feel really scared right now,” she said.

Even so, she talked anonymously and exclusively with Eyewitness News because she wants women to hear her story. While inside a dressing room stall, her sense of privacy was violated.

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